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The AIAA History Committee has a variety of ways for individuals to be involved. Some include joining the Committee formally as a Member with or without a specific position, others include attending and/or serving as a volunteer for an event, and informal opportunities to interact with, contribute, and learn from committee members and their respective organizations and projects. Some of these activities include opportunities to nominate, suggest, and vote on awards given by the committee.

Get Involved


Committee members are involved in many different historic projects outside of AIAA that benefit AIAA and the as demonstrations of credibility and knowledge in the focus area. Activities include attending and participating in Committee Member projects such as events, education outreach, research, publication and presentation, and occasionally opportunities for free lance or stipend roles in various projects. 

Participants that assist or participate in these opportunities gain not only knowledge and experience, but access to some of the leaders in the industry.  Scientists, engineers, mission leaders, inventors, planners, writers, artists and more serve on the committee, and afford opportunities for personal and professional networking to learn these trades and gain knowledge and connections. The activities additional can enhance career development.

  • Promote the history of the aerospace field to the aerospace community through History Sessions and Symposiums at the AIAA Forums (SciTech, Propulsion and Energy, Aviation, and Space) 

  • Foster the documentation of history by presenting the History Manuscript Award annually 

  • Provide reviewers for both the Gardner-Lasser Aerospace History Literature Award and the Children’s Literature Award 

  • Support the preservation of historic aerospace resources 

  • Honor contributors to the history of aerospace through awards, History Best Paper Award and special citations, and nominations for AIAA member upgrades

  • Ensure an active membership on the committee

  • Facilitate the merging of the history community with the aerospace community

  • Encourage professional exchange of information related to aerospace history

  • Establish liaisons with other IOC’s, Technical Committees (TC’s) and societies with related interests

  • Advocate policy to AIAA and the aerospace community on the relevance of history and the preservation of their historical resources

  • Facilitate the publication of articles and papers on the history of aerospace topics within the AIAA and the aerospace community


Principal activities and responsibilities
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