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Meet The Crew

The AIAA History Committee has elected positions including Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Subcommittee positions such as Communications, Awards, Historic Sites, Events, Membership and more. Chair and subcommittee assignments are usually for one year terms although members can vote individuals in for multiple years.

Michael Mackowski (elected officer)

AIAA Associate Fellow


Nominate New Members

Nominations are accepted throughout the year, but the deadline for consideration is October 31st, with the new Committee Rosters announced the following Spring. Each candidate may have to have their employer approve and support travel to two meetings per year.

Walter Gordon (elected officer)

Chairman of the Niagara Frontier section of AIAA


John Blanton (elected officer)

864-382-0626 (C)


Julian Tishkoff  

(301)424-8469 (cell)


Active Committee Member List

Jorge M M Barata, AIAA Associate Fellow


Aiden Bramer, AIAA Communications Committee Member

Adam Bruckner, AIAA Fellow

Tom D. Crouch, Ph.D, Chair, Gardner-Lasser Literary Award; History Manuscript Award (home) (work)

​Benjamin G. Davis, Ph.D., LL.M., AIAA Reinventing Space

Nathan (Sam) Dougherty, AIAA Associate Fellow


Craig F. Eckersley, Member of the AIAA International Subcommittee, Senior Lifetime AIAA Member 

​Gary Fogel, Ph.D. Associate Fellow of the AIAA

Richard P Hallion, Ph.D., AIAA Fellow and Past Chair - History Committee

Angie Lander, AIAA Member

Roger Launius, AIAA FellowGardner-Lasser Literary Award; History Manuscript Award

Michael G. Lavelle, AIAA Associate Fellow

David Loda, AIAA Senior Member, Systems Engineering TC, Digital Engineering Integration Committee

​​​Michael J. Mackowski, Associate Fellow of AIAA, AIAA Chair Children’s Literature Award

Cam Martin, AIAA Member 

Fernando M S P NevesSenior Member AIAA

Rachel Tillman,  Chair AIAA History Committee Communications​​

Committee and Subcommittee Groups 
  • Steering: Kevin Burns - Chair, Walter Gordon - Vice Chair, John Blanton - Secretary/Treasurer, Julian Tishkoff - Immediate past Chair

  • Membership: John Blanton - Chair

  • Conferences and Sessions: Walter Gordon - Chair, Richard Hallion - SciTech 2021, Kevin Burns - SciTech 2022, Julian Tishkoff - SciTech 2023

  • Communications & Publications, Rachel Tillman - Chair, Aiden Bramer, Mike Mackowski 

  • Centennial Committee: Walter Gordon - Chair, Tom Crouch, 

  • Historic Sites Committee: Ben Sarao, Ranney Adams, Ben Davis, Troy Dowden

  • Honors and Awards: Walter Gordon - Chair, Tom Crouch, Richard Hallion, Mike Mackowski

  • Gardner-Lasser Book Award: Tom Crouch - Chair, John Blanton, Richard Hallion, John Tylko, John Anderson, Bill Barry, Debbie Douglas

  • Manuscript Award: Richard Hallion - Chair, Kevin Burns, Tom Crouch, Fred Culick, John Tylko, Scott Eberhardt

  • Childrens Literature: Mike Mackowski - Chair, Julian Tishkoff, Rachel Tillman, Debbie Douglas, Scott Eberhardt

  • Aeromodeling Subcommittee: Gary Fogal – Chair, Mike Mackowski, Claire Aldenhuysen

  • International Subcommittee: Fernando Neves – Chair, Craig Eckersley, Jorge Barata, Joao Melo De Sousa, Antonio di Biase

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