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About Us

The AIAA History Committee fosters the preservation, documentation, and reporting of the history of aeronautical, astronautical, and hydronautical arts, sciences, and engineering, and their impact on society. It promotes aerospace history to both the public and industry, including the fostering of the preservation and documentation of the history of aerospace.

AIAA History Committee members are active in both industry and cultural history activities and programs. The AIAA History Committee brings together experts and researchers in a variety of aerospace and aviation segments to ensure the integrity and perpetuity of historic preservation and communication.

Members are volunteers, providing their skills and knowledge through leadership and participation in AIAA and other events centered around aerospace history and education. Activities include the annual SciTech Conference, and others. Members also participate in publications by AIAA and other Journals. 


The AIAA History Committee is an AIAA Integration and Outreach Committees (IOCs). These are differentiated from technical committees in that they are focused on the cross-discipline integration/programmatic and societal interface/outreach areas of interest of the Institute, and often span more than one technical discipline in their scope. AIAA members are invited to submit a nomination to join an Integration and Outreach committee to forward the innovation happening in our industry.

Committee Application
Applying for Committee Membership

Nominations are accepted throughout the year, but the deadline for consideration is 31 October, with the new committee rosters announced the following Spring.

AIAA_Loda_Race of the Century.jpg

David Loda, History Committee Member

in "Race of the Century" re-enactment.

History Committee Application 

To apply, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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