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Advice for Authors

Publication of research articles is important to career progression, the list of your publications stay on your resume for the rest of your life.  It shows that you have mastered technical communication skills, and acts as a portfolio of your work.  


Writing a research paper can be a challenging task for first-time authors.  This resource will provide a step-by-step guide on how you can create your research paper into a product that will help preserve the history of the aerospace industry, and that will reflect the standards of your work.


The process is similar for students, young professionals, and others; but different people will approach the process from different aspects.


Start the process about two years before the conference (or earlier).


The first step is to choose the AIAA conference in which you wish to publish your paper.  Keep in mind that the AIAA has a “No paper – no podium” rule which means that if you do not submit your final paper in time for publication, that you will not be able to present it at the conference; and it also has a “No podium – no paper” rule which means that if you do not present your paper at the conference, it will not be published in the proceedings.  Thus, as we discuss the work that needs to be done, it includes the abstract for conference acceptance, the finished paper, the presentation media (slides, video, etc.), and the narrative to the presentation.

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